Version: 1.8.x

Remote Cache

The Remote Cache component allows you to run a cache on your local workstation.

You might be thinking: Why would I want a remote cache running locally? Isn't this something that's only used in CI?

It turns out that having a remote cache instance running locally is useful for overall build speedups when dealing with multiple bazel repositories, or when switching back and forth between branches. It's also typically faster than --disk_cache for unclear reasons, and manages its own disk space better.


Although you can configure the remote cache component to autostart (as a subprocess if vscode itself), its typically preferable to just run it as a system service or in it's own dedicated terminal, so the cache will be available whether VSCode is running or not.



Use the settings to enable/disable the cache, adjust it's max size, or change the startup port.

See documentation of the remote cache cli for more information.