Version: 1.8.x

Code Search

The Code Search component hosts the codesearch webview.

Codesearch is similar to livegrep in that is supports regular expression based fast searching of a code repository (aka "index").

In this case, the "index" (corpus of files to be searched) is determined by a bazel query.

For example, imagine you needed to find all usages of within your go_binary named //corp_app. This is probably straightforward for "first-party" references; for this you could just search the repository itself. However, "third-party" code (external dependencies) would be excluded from this search.

This codesearch feature allows you to define a search space of deps(//corp_app), thereby allowing you to find all .Flock code references for the app.



Use the settings tree item to customize the default search settings.


Click on a codesearch codelens action link to open the codesearch webview:


To (re)create the search index, click the [Recreate Index] button:


Then start typing in the query input. Click on a line or highlighted search hit to navigate to the file.