Version: 1.8.x


The Bazel component provides the bazel info, the ability to terminate the current bazel server, and access to external workspaces.



The settings here can be customized to provide an alternate location for the bazel executable, as well as build and test flags when using the codelens actions.

Bazel Info

Click on tree items in the bazel info to copy them to clipboard.

Killing the Bazel Server

Occasionally, bazel will get stuck on a long-running bazel query, or some other operation and you might want to force kill it.

Use the Trash icon over the server_pid entry as an alternative to: kill -9 $(bazel info server_pid):


Navigating to External Workspaces

Click on the Externals browser button to open the corresponding tab in the UI:



Click on an individual external workspace item to navigate to the WORKSPACE location where the external is declared.

Click on the Root Folder icon to open a new VSCode window in that workspace: