Version: 1.8.x

subcommand 'serve'

The serve subcommand starts the "Bezel UI".


Serve the UI
bzl serve [flags]
serve, open
--address string bind address for HTTP and gRPC servers (overrides --{http,grpc}_{host,port}
--base_dir string base directory where bzl caches data (defaults to {USER_CACHE_DIR}/bzl)
--base_url string base URL where the HTTP service is running (optional, used for link generation)
--grpc_host string default host for gRPC server (default "")
--grpc_port int port for the gRPC server (default 1080)
--http_host string default host for http server (default "")
--http_port int port for the grpc-web http server (default 8080)
--license_file string path to license.key (overrides canonical location ~/.bzl/license.key)
--license_token string license token (content of the license file
--log_level string optional log-level (debug|info|warn|trace) (default "info")
--open_command string command to be invoked when opening files in IDE (defaults to vscode) (default "code --goto {FILE}:{LINE}:{COLUMN}")

The most commonly used flag is to change the listen address:

bzl serve --address=localhost:8085


The serve command starts the webserver:

bzl serve
INFO[0000] Bezel v1.3.3 listening on http://localhost:8080


The open command starts the webserver and opens a browser tab at the given label:

bzl open //:gazelle-protobuf