Version: 1.8.x

subcommand 'cache'

The cache subcommand starts the Bzl remote cache.


start the remote cache
bzl cache [flags]
--address strings bind URIs for the remote cache. (default [grpc://localhost:2020,http://localhost:2021])
--dir string base directory for the disk cache.
-h, --help help for cache
--max_size_gb int size in GB for the disk cache. (default 10)
--progress flag to enable progress on uploads
--progress_threshold_size_kb int only show progress bar for blobs later than given size (default 512)

By default the remote cache will bind to separate addresses and serve both HTTP and gRPC traffic.


To start only the gRPC cache (with progress bars):

bzl cache --address=grpc://localhost:2020 --progress


To start only the HTTP cache (with progress bars):

bzl cache --address=http://localhost:2021 --progress